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ALAY and My Other Cats


Will soon be adding more---

Shown here, is Alay as a very proud and happy mother of 4 kids.

ALAY was the most wonderful cat in the world to me. She had a great state of mind.


She was "brain damaged" from the beginning of her life, and could not walk without falling down. She did not have it easy. And this is why I loved her so much, more than any of my other cats; because she was like me, and so I could relate to her.

She was a calico of black and tan mostly, but not near as rich as Tennille's fur, so she wasn't a very pretty cat, but she had a good body, but not a good brain ------- like me.

And like me, she had a good mind: She would fall, and every time, she would get up again. If she shook her head, that would cause her to fall. In the litter tray, when she was finished, she would turn to try to cover it up, and fall into it. Eventually she decided not to try to cover it up. Many times she would vomit, and lose her balance and fall all the way over on her back - while she was vomiting. How she survived, I don't know. 

But despite all her troubles, she had 4 great kids, and she could not do any jumping, so she did some climbing, and was proud of what she could do.

I tried and tried to give her so much love to make her well, so she could walk normal. But what they say about love, is crap.

At the end, when she was sick, I was getting angry - at her, and at God. 

Day after day she was very sick which made it all the worse for her (and me), and she was able to do very little. One night I was holding her in my arms out in the yard, and I wanted to throw her down - I had had enough of this nonsense.

But I would not do such a thing; It's not her fault that she could not walk, and the same that it's not her fault that she was sick. Any more than it's my fault that I'm sick. And probably not Vincent's (Van Gogh) fault that he was sick. Although I think he could have done more to try to figure out how he was sick. But the only way to be able to solve a sickness, is to first be able to recognize that there is a sickness, and the nature of it. And then not to listen to doctors too much - they know only what they know, and nothing else, and some of what they "know", is wrong.

But some problems that people can have, cannot be solved - like Alay's. And no amount of love that I could give her would make her to be able to walk like other cats.


Then she died. Her suffering was over. Mine never ends.

(I will be adding to this to finish it)

(1.) TINKER - Deceased

Tinker was never my cat, but had he lived long, he might have become mine. He was the family cat, but I named him, and I was the one who cared for him the most. And I named all the cats, as well as the (2) family dogs: There was Star, and one of her sons I named Bilbo. Bilbo was my favorite dog, and I wanted him to be mine. But some nasty man came and stole him away. It was partly because of this, that I never had a dog of my own. Humans steal dogs, and usually never steal cats, unless it's a fancy pure bred cat, and I don't like those. I don't like "fancy pure bred" people who look down on others only because they have it better than the rest of us.

As long as I'm on the subject; I never got into wearing any jewelry, partly because - I had a ring, or going to be one. It was my favorite - it was in the design of the Mercedes star. It was taken to a jeweler to make a ring out of it for me. Then the jeweler got robbed, and it was stolen. I never wore jewelry after that.

The best way to keep your things from getting stolen, is not to have them. I take a very dim view of people taking things from me, and that's partly why I try to keep all that I have.

But Tinker was not neutered, and he kept getting into fights. His eye got hurt, and the family did not want to bother with it. So that was the end of him, they had him killed. They should have had him neutered, the idiots. But also should have got something done about his eye.

(2.) TIGER - Deceased          My affectionate name; My Twegsies

Tiger was again the family cat, to replace Tinker, and they got him neutered. After many years, he became my cat, and I was the only one who cared about him. Tiger was a good cat, but we had our troubles - he got to hating me, and bit my arm one day. But in the end, he dearly loved me. He lived for 19 years - with me taking care of him - he would have lived a much shorter time without me.   







                                                         Me and Tiger   



Wow, what a "hot babe" I was! Why could I never get a girlfriend? For the rest of my life, it was only me and my cats. (Until they died.)

                                               Tiger and identified fruit

(3.) POUNCE - Deceased

Pounce and I were very close. But my parents tried to starve me out of the house, and pounce left me for a life without me. (Nice parents!) The point came, when I never saw him again. So I don't know when he died.    

                                                   Was this Pounce?

(4.) BOONIE - Deceased           Affectionate name; Rat Face

Boonie was a sick kitten when I got him - and was how I was able to get him. But he soon recovered (or so I thought) and we became good friends. But during this period, my life had soon become very bad, and I was very sick, and Tiger had died, and so now the trailer wasn't large enough for the 2 of us.


(This was the same trailer that a few years later, I would have 22 cats in it - and it was large enough!)


There was a strange thing with him: one day I accidentally stepped on his tail. And so after that, every time I came to step over him, as my foot was coming down, he would jerk his tail to where it wasn't - where my foot was coming down! And so he made it difficult for me not to step on his tail - because he thought I was going to! For a while, we hated each other, and as I said, the trailer didn't seem to be large enough for us both. But I got better, and we became friends again, and we became very close.


Some of the time I very affectionately called him Ratface: He had a cute face, but reminded me of a rat. Let's hope he's never figured this out! Then there was something wrong with his heart. I was very poor, and trying to decide what to do, when a few days later, he suddenly died of a heart attack or something. He lived for only 8 years! I cried for 3 days, and would have cried longer, but I was making myself sick. 


One day, Boonie saved me from a possible fire in the trailer. I was using an electric heater, and had plugged it in the wrong way - by using an extension cable. The outlet was smoking more and more, and I did not notice.


So then Boonie walks out, and sees the smoke, and he's staring at it. So I'm wondering; what is he staring at? So I look, and that's when I saw it. And I put a stop to that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Boonie "riding shotgun" in my SST    

                                       Me and Boonie with the SST



































(5.) PUDDYPIE - Deceased

Puddypie came along to me when I had Boonie. I've never liked black all that much, and think it's a stupid color, especially for electronics (why are they so obsessed with this color?!)


And so I had a psychological problem with things that are black, and here is Puddypie - almost all black. So it took me a while to want him, and so almost lost him to a neighbor. Actually did lose him, but they were nice enough to let me have him.


From the beginning, Puddypie wanted me. He kept coming to me and hanging around. After I got him as mine, we became great friends. For years I took him with me in my SST - I was The Cat Man of Phoenix! He would often ride up on top of the seat "back" and was good at hanging on, but my SST was a good vehicle for cats - unlike many "mushy" cars, mine is solid. (Boonie and Zila rode with me some also.) And he was often up behind me. Some of the time he would ride "shotgun". One day I was rolling up the window, and suddenly Puddypie started thrashing around and digging his claws into my back. And I stopped rolling up and looked, and he was caught in the window with his head out! I had forgotten about him. Good thing my SST doesn't have electric windows! I took him in my SST for almost all his life.


During our many travels, Puddypie would sometimes catch other creatures. He caught and ate 2 rabbits, a bird, a lizard. And I would feel sad, but I had to favor one or the other - them, or my Puddypie. Unlike humans, the cat mind has no sympathy or remorse. If cats did have these things, they would not be able to kill to eat, and so they would die, and there would be no cats in the world.

Death by Puddypie.

One day I bought a new light for a place in my trailer. The old one was about the same, but it was orange, and had an orange cable on it, and after a long time the orange gets "dull and dirty". The new one was yellow, and had a yellow cable. When I changed the lights, Puddypie was away and sleeping. So then when he came walking out, he looked over, saw the new light, and stared at it for a while. He was probably wondering how the thing had changed it's color. To this day, I don't know if he ever knew that it was me who changed the light.

One day when I had Puddypie outside, he noticed and was staring at a "strange" cat, that was up at the window inside my trailer where Puddypie likes to be - his favorite place to be. He was meowing, wanting to get at the cat. It seems that he did not know, that "the strange cat", was Zila.

Then he got old and sick. One day he somehow got out of my yard. And a nasty neighbor got him and left him alone - in a cage, outside the Humane Society place. I never saw him again. Their rules are that they must keep a pet for 3 days sooner than they do anything. But the next morning without my knowledge or consent, and AGAINST THEIR OWN RULES, they killed him. I was very upset with them.    



(6.) and (7.) SWANKIE - Deceased   

And ZILA - Deceased        Affectionate names; Zilawilla,  Zeeela

They were sisters, abandoned by their mother, and all wet from a water leak, crying and crying for a long time, and none of my crappy neighbors would come and help, and their mother did not come to help. When I found them, they were small balls of wet fur, and they both seemed to be black.

By this point in my life, I was over my dislike of a cat that happened to be black: I had Puddypie, and he was a great cat.

But after I got them dry, I could then see that one of them was gray, a pretty frosty medium gray, with no other color.

I soon decided I wanted to keep them, and named the black one Swankie, and she had a white chin, and bright white whiskers, and the other I named Zila.

Both named after stock market companies.   

This was four firsts for me; 1; The first that I had ever had female cats, 2; The first that I had had as many as 3 cats, 3; The first that I had had cats the same age - they were sisters, and 4; The first that I had ever needed to hand feed a cat.

The kittens were doing better and better, and for a while, Zila was not happy - more later. 


From the beginning I favored Swankie, she was very happy, and very lovable, and she had a very cute face, I loved her very much, and she would let me hold her upside down in my arms, and I could play "patty cake, patty cake" with her paws.

I figured they needed each other - as companions. But the day came, when disaster struck - I stepped on Swankie, and she died.

I had had the kittens for only 27 days. It was a terrible thing. But life went on for me and Zila without Swankie. (And Puddypie. He was afraid the of kittens!)

As a kitten, Zila was a leaping maniac! She would jump at my face. One day, she took a flying leap at my chest, and then like a cartoon character, dropped straight down! And she was a biter, she would bite me all over, and bit my willy - twice!

One day Zila was playing with my shoes, and she got a claw stuck inside one of them. Then Puddypie started moving away, and Zila got ready, and made a strike at Puddypie by leaping forward, but as her claw was stuck in my shoe, she took my shoe with her, and my shoe went flying about 2 and a half feet!   

(8.) ALAY - Deceased           My affectionate name; Alaywaylay

One day Alay jumped about 2 feet forward, then I guess she over compensated when she landed and jumped again and landed where she had started from!

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