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Gary "Quotes"

As long as nothing ever changes, nothing will ever change.

If God is flawed, then it's not "God help us", it's "Nobody help us".

If something is changed, change it only to make it better.

If it is known what a evil person wants, then it's not difficult to work out what they will want to do.

All that evil is, is simply a disfigurement of Good.

I'm not sure, but I think this world will be the death of me.


I know I'm alive by the way I suffer.


If God is dead, then he killed Himself by laughing his head off while watching the many ways that humans can be stupid!


A person with a pretty woman's face, but also having a penis, is like walking on the sky, with the land above. The world is now upside down.


There are no real monsters in the world, except humans.


If you never stand up for anything, you'll never fall down, but also you'll never rise above The Complacent. If you never "walk a journey" that might turn out to be very long and difficult, you'll never stumble and fail, but also you'll never have the chance to accomplish the extraordinary. If you never try to do anything great for others, you're a FAILURE from the start. "Perfect" People and "Superior" People are flawed and erroneous.


True laziness isn't revealed until great difficulty is encountered.


If there's no losers, there's no winners.


If a man thinks he's absolutely correct, then he has no room to learn.


Music without the video, is sort of like a soul without a body.


Greed is the killer of all things.


To most humans, newer is better, only because it's newer, and that's being an idiot.


People who never gets angry and never gives a damn, will be damned themselves.


Less is better: keep it simple.


If a person doesn't give a damn, then how is that helping the world?


To put it bluntly, the reason why there are so many products that are crap in the world, is because there are so many people who are crap.


Youth is wasted on the young.

(Previously said by George Bernard Shaw)


There's no such thing as a homosexual kind of human.


By now, the world is in deep trouble...

Because Goodness is mostly gone, and evil prevails in every nation on earth.


All the worst people in the world will be a very nice person to you, as long as you do what they want.


Now common sense has been replaced by common nonsense.


Serious problems arise in the world because of "good" people with good ideas wanting to impose their ideas on others.


If a psychiatrist or psychologist recommends to a patient that they should take a drug, then that only goes to show that they don't know psychology.


The future by itself doesn't bring better things, it only brings heartache, sorrow, regret, and death.


Give a person a computer, and that person won't be smart anymore. Computers make people stupid.


The only thing that can prove something that is absolutely stupid to be true, is stupidity itself.

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