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My  "I  EXIST" would be filmed with 15 different people, of different ages, but all with the same "voice", as if it was the same person talking. They would all be in different places, doing different things, but not busy things, things such as walking, standing, riding a bike, in a car... Their tone of voice would be strong and certain, but not angry.


Person # 1:     I exist.


Person # 2:    I exist.


Person # 3:    I exist.


Person # 4:    I existed when there was no time.


Person # 5:    I existed sooner than The Beginning.


Person # 6:    I existed when I was not yet conceived.


Person # 7:    Then I was conceived.


Person # 8:    Then I was born.


Person # 9:    Then I was growing up as a child.


Person # 10:   Then I became an adult.


Person # 11;   Then I grew old.


Person #12:   And when I die, I will continue to exist.


Person # 13:   I have existed forever.


Person # 14:   I will exist forever.


Person # 15:   I exist.

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