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my theory of gravity


My theory of gravity, which has never been published, which for the first time explains what gravity is, which I documented on this date — 1983 July 07 Thursday: Let it be known to all that my theory is now “published” today; 2007 October 17 Wednesday, and is this:     

Anything which is falling, is not moving, as in traveling toward what it is said that it will hit. But rather, what it is said that it will hit, is traveling toward the thing which is “falling”.    

The earth (and its atmosphere) is traveling at a certain speed, in the direction of “up”. Everything which is said to be “at rest”, is traveling at this same speed with the earth. The things that “fall” and “hit” the earth are within the earth’s travel curve. Things that the earth does not hit, are without the travel curve or are things which can escape it.    

If the earth was not moving in the way that it is, we would have no gravity. In effect, the earth is moving in all directions at the same time in a similar way as a ball that is rolling around in a circle is moving in all directions at the same time.    

A certain combination of turning forces, like centrifugal force, is what gravity is.    

This explains how it is that gravity feels as though it increases when we go up in an elevator. Because in situations like this, our speed has been increased on top of the speed that we were going already.     


This explains how it is that gravity seems to disappear when we are falling. Because when we are disconnected from the earth, we no longer feel the push.


This explains how it is that objects, regardless of their weight, can “hit” the earth at the same time when dropped. This is because the earth approaches all objects at the same speed, regardless of the weights of falling things.      


This explains how it is that “falling” objects, “fall” at a steady speed, and do not continue to increase their speed as they get closer to the earth. This is because there is no such thing as gravitational attraction.     


This explains how it is that things are lighter at the equator and heavier at the poles. Because gravity is a force of movement. This also explains how it is that “gravity” can be produced in a space station by rotating it.    

Therefore, if the rotation of the earth were to be sped up, everything on earth would be of a lighter weight. If it were slowed down, everything would be heavier. This might also explain the demise of the dinosaurs.    


Because suppose long ago an asteroid or something had hit the earth in such a way so that the earth’s rotation was slowed, then any and all very large creatures might have died under their own weight.     

Gravity is not an attractive force! There are no “gravity waves”, and no “fabric of space”, and no such thing as “the pull of gravity”. It pushes, not pulls, so it’s the “push of gravity”.    

Gary Wayne Stevens     

Most people think they know what gravity is. There's people trying to explain “how gravity works”, when they don’t know themselves. Some of these people are pretending to be experts on the subject and who talk as though they know these things as “facts”, when they really don't know . My theory of gravity is quite simple and concerns only what I know. Newton thought he had it all figured out and made a huge leap of an assumption (which is what scientists like to do), telling us that the same force that holds everything down here on earth, is the same force that makes the planets revolve around the sun. But these are two entirely different forces. The "greatest" minds on gravity, Newton and Einstein, should have put more thought into it: There are two "gravities", but they lumped them both together as one. My theory, the Stevens Theory of Gravity, concerns only what is happening here on earth:      

Suppose the earth was flat, so that “up” would be the same direction for everyone, and the earth was accelerating in that direction at a certain rate. Now, if I’m not mistaken, this is what we have now, but there’s a few tiny problems with this idea:     

1. The earth is not flat.     

2. If the earth were to be constantly accelerating, then at some point we all would reach the speed of light.     

3. The stars would be constantly changing, nothing in the sky would stay the same (unless everything was going the same way.)     

And again, if I’m not mistaken, a constant turn can take the place of acceleration. So all that we need then, is to take centrifugal force, and turn it inside out. We need no “Gravitational Field”, no “gravity waves”, no “gravitrons”, no particles of matter attracting each other. None of that gobbley-gook stuff or scientific mumbo-jumbo that the scientists themselves don’t comprehend, but that doesn’t stop them from teaching it to us. The scientists don’t know squat about gravitational fields, but this should be no surprise, if gravity waves don’t exist.     

And gravity waves do not exist. There is no such thing as the pull of gravity. This can be proven by comparing magnetism to the way people think about gravity: If gravity here on earth was anything like magnetism, that is to say if gravity pulls, then as soon as something got close enough to the earth, it would suddenly speed up and go splat, or bang or boom, when it hit. The same as metals do with magnets. And likewise, if the thing was a bit too far away, then it would not be attracted enough to come together.   

But that's not the way gravity on earth is. So it cannot be a pull, so it must be a push.   


It cannot be a pull, because if it was, and your body was being pulled and held to the earth like a piece of metal to a magnet, then try jumping up. You would not be able to, anymore than a person could get a piece of metal to jump away from a magnet: The force would be far greater at the beginning, or at the closest, and would then swiftly become weaker and weaker farther away.    

But this is not anything like the gravity that we have, is it? It's nothing like magnetism. So therefore, gravity is not a pull.   

So it must be a push, as I've talked about above.   

So there, I've proven that I'm smarter than Newton and Einstein!    

Gary Wayne Stevens, The Starship Designer.          

My Gravity Machines have been conceived to show how gravity works.


Suppose you have a round pan. This pan is filled with a fluid such as a sand or something similar. The pan has a small motor attached to it at the bottom underneath with a shaft in the center to spin the pan. The pan is then spun at speed. What’s going to happen to the fluid-sand? It will be pushed to the outer wall of the pan.

Now this pan-motor assembly is attached to the end of a bar underneath. This bar also has a motor-shaft attached to its center so that the bar rotates at a “center” point. Now what happens to the fluid-sand when the bar is rotating at speed, with the pan at one end, so that the pan is now revolving as well as rotating???

If I’m not mistaken, the combined forces will push-pull the fluid-sand in toward the center of the pan, away from the sidewall.

This is “inner gravity”, not exactly what we have here on earth. For this we need the “outer gravity” machine to demonstrate that, what we have here on earth. Anyone is obliged to build this described machine as long as they do it in a correct and proper manner. And this one needs to be built first for the experience prior to attempting the more complicated “outer gravity” machine. I would suggest making it as small as possible so as to make it easier to do. I have in mind something like a 4 inch pan with maybe 1 inch high side walls with a small amount of sand or maybe cat litter not much more in volume as a small marble size.



Concerning gravity machines, if someone were to build my “inner gravity” machine, then perhaps they could move on to building my “outer gravity” machine. Then if this produces gravity, then find a way to disconnect it from the earth, and one might have an anti-gravity machine. Some years ago, a man, what was his name? He created a spinning machine, and although it was somewhat heavy, he was claiming that it was easy to move it around when it was spinning and therefore, was akin to anti-gravity. Maybe in a similar way that a spinning top stays upright, and does not fall, when it is spinning. In a small way, a spinning top might be showing us a little bit of anti-gravity. I saw his machine on television many years after I had my theory of gravity. But the first one to do is my “inner gravity” machine. The spin starts here!

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