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the investment arrows

The investment arrows are like merit badges, for they represent major achievements with investments.

There are 7 up arrows, and a red arrow is the only one that points down.

So it is not desired to have a red arrow with an investment, but it doesn’t mean that it is terribly bad to have one.

The first up arrow is green, and all of these arrows are based on “Of the Money”, not “On the Money” percentage, and they apply to one of your investments since you have owned it.


1. A green arrow is having an investment at 0% (above a red arrow) up to as high as 199% - of the money, not including commissions.

2. A black arrow is 200% or more

3. A silver arrow is 400% or more

4. A gold arrow is 1,000% or more

5. A purple arrow is 4,000% or more

6. An orange arrow is 10,000% or more

7. A teal arrow is 15,000% or more


These arrows:

With stocks, red arrows are easy, of course! And green arrows are fairly easy, if it's during a bull market, but not much money can be made with them, comparatively. Unless a person is a day trader, and puts a lot of work into it. But day traders CANNOT achieve the higher arrows, it's against their nature as a day trader. I have watched Jim Cramer on television many times and have been disgusted many times when he keeps referring to Day Traders as Investors. Although I have been very impressed with his performances and his incredible memory on his show Mad Money -- I couldn't do that -- and I know he means well, but he doesn't know the difference between investing and day trading -- and there is a very important difference, so basically he only teaches day trading. Which is great for all his followers, he's helping people to make money with stocks. But one thing I find very strange about him is that once in a while, he will show us a list of stocks that, over a period of time, have gone up thousands of percent. But he does not teach people to be able to make thousands of percent with stocks.

Now with many stocks they have a high and a low. And when I say a high and a low, I'm NOT talking about the short term, I'm talking about spanning over a period of years, of which day traders don't concern themselves with much. But if a person can determine at what price this is with a stock, if it's a fairly good stock, then I have estimated that if bought at that price, a person should be able to achieve at least 800% with it, which is 200% shy of a gold arrow. And there's a bunch of stocks that will go up much higher, and this depends on a number of factors. But it's extremely difficult to buy a stock at it's very lowest point, so if you can buy it low, but it was not at it's bottom, then estimate upward from it's bottom to what price 800% would be if you had bought it there. You will need good information to do this. 

I have had many red arrows, many green arrows; they are fairly easy, but not much money in them for an investor. I have had a number of black arrows, a few silver arrows, several gold arrows, and I have had two purple arrows.

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