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ARE WE IN WORLD WAR lll NOW? What The Starship Designer thinks:   
Like what's happening now, World War ll started small, by Germany invading Poland. Then it wasn't until two years later after Japan attacked the United States that brought the US into the war.   

So now Russia attacks Ukraine. And so the United States goes to war against Russia but "under the table" with both hands tied behind their back.   

Some people think that Putin is not a mad man, and so will not go to atomic weapons against Ukraine. But was attacking Ukraine in the first place a rational decision? And the reason for the attack keeps changing. One does not attack an entire country only to get rid of some of the people in it, that's ludicrous, and the wrong way to go about it.  

What I think is going to happen:  Some months from now (and the date of my printing this, is 2022 October 26):   
After doing all sorts of damage, and failing to control Ukraine, Russia will pull out. The world will celebrate because they are stupid, thinking that Putin has given up, and that the war is over. The markets and stocks will shoot up. But then Putin will nuke the whole of Ukraine; there will be nothing left of the country, all dead, everything destroyed. Putin "wins" in the end. And Russia said that they would not use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the same as Germany said they would not attack Russia at the start of WWll.  

And what will the United States do about it? Mostly nothing. Putin has shocked the world, and the world is afraid of what Putin might do next. It will be a first ever precedent for there to be no in-kind response to a nuclear attack. Which will be a very bad message to be giving the world. They will be thinking; What's done, is done, no way to change it. Let's not go to (nuclear) war with Russia. They will think that, because they are spineless wussies who have no common sense. It's that same thinking that got us into this war to begin with. One cannot fight a war with arms tied behind one's back.       

They tell Russia; "You better not use nukes against Ukraine". They're like little kids; "You better not, or else". But what if they do? They're going to wait until it happens, and then say to Putin; "Naughty, naughty, you've been a bad boy. Now stay in your room". And Putin will go on doing whatever he wants. There's no one to stop him. Like there was no one to stop Hitler until Germany was in ruins.  

No! Cut the head off of the snake! Don't wait for disaster. That is what they are doing now. And any President with a backbone and common sense could be two years away! Maybe too late for Ukraine.   

The reason why Putin decided to attack Ukraine when he did, is because he knows that Biden and the rest of the Democrats are spineless do-gooders who won't stop him. And we are seeing that now!  

The first problem with our country are the people as a whole. That's where our leaders come from. The people have failed to pick adequate leaders, and the stupid rules don't help any. Having a system in with only rich bastards can get to be president, is not the best idea. Trump is a excellent example of this. And having two parties who are against each other all the time is a bad idea also. Hasn't anyone learned this by now?! 

Then the problems are; the leaders... The politics... The rules... The Democrats AND the Republicans, and all the other idiots...   

It's good to care for someone, but not if it kills everyone...   

But our crappy government has different ideas...  

Biden should not have agreed to give Abrams tanks to Ukraine.  The problem with Germany was such an easy fix, but they don't know that because they are stupid.  

Germany has some legitimate concerns:   1. That they don't want to be nuked because Putin sees them as the main problem.   
2. Germany depends to some degree on Russia for fuel, and so does not want to go against them in a major way.   

Providing Abrams was unnecessary and will be yet another tank that the Ukrainians will need to learn and use...   

It used to be that Russia was respected in the world, not only as a "nuclear power" and also as a military power, but also as a people. Russia was respected to such a degree that Gene Roddenberry put a Russian character in his show Star Trek. It was hoped that Russia at some point would become a nation of good people.   


But no more.   


Ukraine is not "the bad guy".  Ukraine did not attack Russia, Russia attacked Ukraine, and for no justified reason. The only reason was because of Putin's greed.   


Russia has become the aggressor, and the civilized world is now against Russia. It is senseless for one nation to attack another only to get rid of some of those people in the other country. If that made sense, then the United States should very much be attacked because there are plenty of bad/evil people in our country.   


Russia has become the new Nazis of the world. They are now the same as Germany's Nazis of WWll. And Putin is like Hitler, leading his country to destruction. This situation is very similar to WWII: Hitler wanted to oppress and rule the world, and Putin wants the same. Some people are afraid that if Putin is eliminated, then someone as bad or worse could take his place. But it doesn't get any worse than Putin and Hitler.   


Hitler did kill millions of people, Putin wants to kill millions of people.   


If early on, Hitler could have been eliminated, wouldn't that have been best? The way it's going, I see no way out for Russia, the same as there was no way out for Germany; Russia must be destroyed, one way or the other, like Germany and Japan were destroyed in World War ll.   


But now the enemy has atomic weapons, that's the only difference. And if the United States hadn't have been so stupid, Russia would not have got them, at least so soon. Russia needs to be "starved" out of war. But instead of playing games, the world needs to stand up against Russia and Putin, by doing everything possible...


What's happening now, is that Putin is ignoring everyone who is against him, and he knows that Biden is a spineless wussie.   


Putin is strong, Biden is weak, and Putin knows it. Putin does something, and Biden runs away.     


Biden is a total complete idiot. He keeps telling Putin that he's afraid of him.    

What we need is a president like Ronald Reagan. With that sort of president, Putin would be the scared one.     


But Putin fears no one, because no one stands up to him.     


Like Trump, Putin is a bully. (And is why Trump likes Putin. And why Trump likes Russia is because he can go there and fornicate with Russian women, and no one will tell.) And there's ways to deal with a bully. But Biden knows nothing of this. Biden wants to appease everyone, and that's not the way to deal with a bully.     


Democrats in general want to appease everyone, everyone except those who don't have a voice, such as the unborn, then they are totally ignored.     


Our government is crazy: They send out a bunch of money to people. This gives people money. Then they raise interest rates! This takes money away from people.   


Biden only gives enough to Ukraine to keep them going, but not to win. What is he thinking?! He's too stupid to know what he is doing.       


If the world does not stand up to Russia's aggression now, then we are destined to have continual wars in the future, and this will be world war three for sure.       


And so far, Biden and whoever else, is leading us there by not helping enough in Russia's war against Ukraine.       


Again, it was a stupid do-nothing-about-it democratic President Obama who let Putin take Crimea and did nothing about it. This led to the further invasion of Ukraine. This is what happens when one lets bad guys do whatever they want.             


In the case of Putin, he's so greedily stupid that what he's caused to happen is exactly the opposite of what it is he was wanting.        

To be entirely fair to Biden, because Obama failed to stand up to Putin, this only makes it more difficult for Biden to do so.  But the Democrats tend to be complacent wussies anyway: "Let everyone do whatever it is that they want, and give everyone who has a voice whatever they need or want, and have the people who are making the money pay for it";  is the Democrats in a nutshell. Which is very bad for our country if it goes on for too long.     


The Republicans on the other side of it, are all about "Me, me, me. I'm only concerned about myself. I don't care about anyone else, or whatever is going on that is not in our country".      

Biden and others are not doing enough to stop the war.  And as sure as hell, Putin is not going to stop it. So I see the war going on at least until we get a president with a backbone, who is willing to stand up to Putin. This probably rules out a democrat.

There are 2 types of bullies, and Putin is the worst type.  The way to deal with him is to be as strong as possible, something that Biden and a lot of people are too weak to do.

The way to deal with Russia, is to "starve" them out of war, so that they will become more concerned about staying alive, than they are with fighting.     

Now, I think it's important to mention, knowing Russia as I do, that supposing a person, such as John Aravosis, who is strong on defending Ukraine, gets to have a likely chance of becoming president, then Putin would be scared, and so he might go to such lengths as to have that person assassinated. So such a person should take extra precautions against this.      

If Biden is determined to not let the Ukrainian people reclaim Crimea (because he's afraid of Putin),  then this means that the war will go on past his presidency.

This just in, a military intercept from General Disarray:   

                                                    The General; "So how's it going in Ukraine?"   

Soldier hesitates.   

                                                    "Well, your ready with your report, aren't you?"   

"Done, Boss."   

                                                    "Okay then, so tell me, what about Zaporizhzhia?"  

"Got zapped."  



                                                    "And the rest of it?"   

"Don't ask."


Lavrov; "You know, ah, the war ah, which ah, we're trying to stop, which was launched against us, using Ukraine (laughter), Ukrainian people."    

The Russians must have a very twisted mind to think this way.     


I wish that there had been much more laughter, because this absurd statement deserves it. But it is very telling: "Reading between the lines", it shows that the Russians are seeing everything backwards, sort of like looking into a mirror.  It also reveals what I've been saying about the Russians: 

They don't see themselves as the aggressors, they see themselves as the victims. The same as the Germans in WWll: They did not see themselves as the aggressors, they saw themselves as the victims. The German people were retaliating against the wrong doing that they felt were done against them.     


It's the same with the Russians.     


And the Germans did not change their view until after they were defeated. And it will be the same with the Russians; they will not stop being the aggressors until after they are utterly defeated. And until then, they will continue to be a bad and selfish and evil people, the same as the Germans were.     


So the Russians will continue to be a problem to the world until then. A major war must happen at some point, unless the Russians can be defeated in a different way.   

And it also reveals that they do see Ukraine as not Russia: He did not say; war against us Russians in Ukraine, he said; "...using Ukrainian people".     

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