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What do I Have?


Some people think that imagination is only fantasy, and therefore has no important place in the world.  

But without people like me; people with imagination, the wheel would never have been discovered, and we would all be living in caves, and no one would know how to make anything.  

But my imagination is not crazy imagination, like what is seen on television and the movies, it's not simply fantasy, it's very solidly based in good common sense, and not out there on another planet somewhere, as is the thinking of most science fiction people, and our leading scientists.  

One important difference between me and them, is all they do is tell wild stories, while I can actually figure things out and make things that will work.  

As far as most "Science Fiction Writers" goes, I tend to detest them. They are very good at generating words - not that they know the meaning of them, but they also don't know how to tell a story. Unfortunately, the way they see it, telling a good story is not their job; generating the maximum amount of words is. And that's not the way to tell a good story. They don't know what to do and what not to do, and many of them have large amounts of what I call "fodder" in their stories, which I find difficult to read.  

As far as the leading Scientists goes, they don't know what they are talking about, and are as much, if not more into fantasy as the other fantasy people are, with their wild ideas, and they can't prove what they say, even though to them it's a "fact", such as the theory of evolution.  

And by the way, neither Einstein, nor Newton had a theory of gravity - neither one was smart enough to figure out what gravity is. This is a fact, because if they knew, they would have "published" their theory one way or the other. They had no theory of what gravity actually is!  

I might not be smart enough to know what gravity is, but at least I'm smart enough to know that Newton and Einstein never knew, otherwise they could have told us.  

Is anyone else on earth smart enough to know this?  

I think it's good when humans "stand on other people's shoulders" in order to achieve greater things than the previous people achieved. I do mostly that. But it's bad when people are doing this with erroneous ideas, and therefore "standing on erroneous shoulders." (The Star Trek people have been doing this with their various shows.)   

Years ago, mostly everyone on earth believed that the earth was flat. So they came up with all sorts of stories and beliefs according to that thinking. Now it's the same situation, when everyone on earth believes that the earth has a pull of gravity. And so they have been coming up with all sorts of erroneous ideas based on this idea. Even though no one has ever found any "Gravity Waves".  

The way I see it, the leading scientists such as the ones I've seen on television, are barely any more factual than the science fiction people are, with their ideas that are "standing on erroneous shoulders" while ignoring the facts, and the science fiction people simply tell crazy nonsensical stories.

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